Workshops and lectures

Sewing Workshops

The Art Doll
Using a simple doll pattern as a starting point, you will use fabric enhancement techniques, embroidery and funky yarns, buttons and beads to create your own unique art doll.
This is a 3 - 4 hour workshop. Can be broken up by a three quarter hour lunch or a break time for surface design drying purposes. Individual Sewing machines not required, only one or two for sewing needed.

Methods to the Madness I
This workshop covers several methods art quilters use to create their own one of a kind quilts.
Methods include; Reverse Applique, Satin Stitch, Couching, Using Stablizers & Fusibles creatively, and a demo on bobbin drawing.  This is a six hour workshop. Each participant must have a sewing machine.

Methods to the Madness II
This is a continuation from the previous class.  After you get through the first class, it's a "Now what do I do?  We will cut up our work and explore the issues that come up through that process. We will explore the use of Methods I techniques to further enhance what was started and also use surface design techniques and discuss quilting & binding to enhance your work.  This class has morning structure, then open studio with instructors counsel throughout the afternoon. Let the fun begin!

Art Quilts without Patterns
Learn to make interesting geometric art quilts without using patterns, templates or paper piecing. Straight stitching and straight cutting is all that is required. This is a beginner workshop. Bright colored fabrics and easy techniques will get you started down a path toward quilting paradise. This class will produce a wall hanging - lap size pieced top.

Surface Design Workshops

Mono-Printing: Creating your personal Mark on Fabric

In this class we will use ProFab Textile paints on plastic, manipulate the paint and transfer the mark to fabric. We will use several different tools to create a variety of marking styles. Finding your unique mark is part of the exploration. After experimenting with marks, we will move on to masks and stencils to ensure a crisp edge to your designs. Creativity and experimentation is encouraged.
This class can be a one, two or three day workshop.

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