Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monoprinting on Fabrics this weekend!

This photo is from SculptureFest. Taken by Valley News Photographer Jennifer Hauck

It's beautiful outside today. I love the fall weather. It's hard to be inside doing things when I'd rather be outside. Ah, well. Class prep takes a little time....

I'm teaching "Monoprinting on Fabrics" this weekend at the League of NH Craftsmen in the Hanover NH fibers studio. It's a two day workshop, with day one, learning and day two, open studio with the instructor. I love this kind of workshop because people really get pumped up learning the process and the second day is so focussed on getting work done.

As I teach, I "see" stuff happening in the work and try to encourage my students to take a new direction. I only make suggestions, but when taken, I love seeing the student take it beyond where I imagined it would go. That's what keeps me teaching, for sure!

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