Monday, October 26, 2009

Wen Redmond class

I'm happy.

Saturday, I took a class with Wen Redmond. It was a great class.
She teaches strip piecing techniques that Nancy Crow teaches in her improvisations class. So it was a recap for me, but what a good time to take that again. It was refreshing and something I can use to my advantage now. This will fit nicely into my new look.

The Apples and Crafts Fair in Woodstock, VT was a wonderful experience. I sold many quilts there. I am now proceeding into two more crafts fairs. The Saturday before Thanksgiving, I will share a table with my fiber artist friend, Rosie Birch, at the Holiday Craft fair held at Thetford Academy, Thetford Vermont. Then, I share a booth with my woodworker friend, David Fall, at the Woodstock Inn's Holiday Craft Fair, Friday and Saturday Nov, 27 & 28.

Stop by to see me! : )
"Live for the moment"


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