Monday, March 8, 2010

Classes for April

"If you're going to have an event, better make it big. Or even bigger than that. It needs to be awe-inspiring, frightening, on deadline and worth losing sleep over." - Seth Godin, from his blog 2/19/10

Up coming class in April!

APRIL 10, 2010
Beginner Art Quilts: Simple Shapes to Create Abstract Images
League of NH Craftsmen, Hanover Fibers Studio
9:30 - 4 pm

In this class you'll begin piecing the art quilt that resides inside of you. Using simple shapes as a stepping stone, with fabrics that you have made or bought, you'll confront the sometimes daunting questions of, "Where do I begin?", "How do I know where to go next?" and "What happens if I do this?" Exploration within certain guidelines will allow you to maintain your voice while being exposed to standard techniques needed to create a base.

APRIL 24, 2010
Methods to the Madness II
Northern Lights Quilt Guild

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