Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Moving comfortably (and creatively) into 2011

"Expressing yourself confidently is always an element of deeply moving artwork" ~ Anne Lamott

In reference to the above quote....I call it, the time when the planets and stars line up... that moment, when you just "know" that what you are doing is right and the creativity is oozing out of you like sap from a maple tree on a warm sunny March day.  It's the time when you forget to eat, or go to the bathroom until you realize that you are ravenous, or your bladder will completely burst.  You are just so caught up in what is happening in front of you you cannot stop.  "How did that happen?," you ask!  You are "out of body" and everything is o.k.!  In fact it's heaven and you don't ever want to leave.

Hey!  I want to be there now... please!  Don't tell me I need to take the baby steps, the jump starts and warm ups to get there.  I want to leap there, now, cold turkey. I am an artist, right?  Isn't that all it takes?  I just claim the title and voila, the sketchbook will perfectly happen?

O.K. I get it.  I'll start at the beginning of the trail, walk the walk, and read the signs as I go.  The more experienced I am, the more I will be able to jump over to get to the summit faster and explore the higher elevations.
There is lots more at the top.  Who knows how the altitude will affect me.  Then, after awhile, I'll leap from the top without a net and free fall into a new territory.

..... onward and upward!  Sketchbook project take me away!

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