Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's May! It's May! The gorgeous month of May...

A Georgia O'Keeffe Morning glory in progress

Abstract quilts in progress, mono-printed
Working in the studio, I am starting to use the camera to capture my work.  It's a good exercise to document things.  I need to break into the habit, and I see already how it helps.

I am playing with multiple projects at one time.  My friend, Marci Howarth gave me a large coffee table book on Georgia O'keeffe's flowers, which I adore.  So I was inspired to try a small version of one of them in fabric.

I have also been looking at the use of reverse applique in my work.  I show two examples of reverse applique here, as a starting point in my abstract work.  This will be one of the chapters in my book, "Art Quilts: Methods to the Madness".

Today is May Day.  It is gorgeous out.  I am torn between my gardens and working in the studio.  So, I hope to find balance and do a little of both.  The sunshine and fresh air will do me good... creativity inside and out!

Last night I enjoyed a night of drumming with friends.  That was so amazingly good for the soul.  I hope to incorporate that more into my life as well.  Have a great day today!

“In the garden my soul is sunshine” ~ anonymous

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