Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Working on my Website

It's about time, I know! What took me so long? Me, myself and I got in the way.....
But, I am currently working on putting together my website, literally!
Yes, I have been awfully quiet this summer. I took time off from Blogging.
I drove my daughter around to various colleges and I took a Web Design class at Lebanon College. The culmination of the design class has me scrambling, yet producing! : ) It's all due August 13th!
The good news, it's forcing me to look at old photos of my work along with the new stuff. I am getting in touch with my work in a new light. So it's all good.
I hope you are enjoying your summer, too. I'll be back regularly in September.

1 comment:

greendalek said...

Great site! Thanks for all your hard work this semester.

--Peter V.