Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election Time Ahead

Susan Shie's 12 x 12 SAQA Auction piece
It's nearing our time to vote. And our choices are dramatic. Having been laid off by Bain Capital (and seen first hand how slick and sleazy they operate), I sincerely hope Obama wins this election.

I have never looked at Obama as the beam of light that was thrust upon him when he was voted into office. I took from his first speech to the world not to expect a miracle man AND that any change takes a lot of sacrifice and patience. (Yes, it took 40 years from MLK to see a black man get elected as president!)

As a middle aged self employed person, I have seen the job market dwindle and now start to come alive again. We are in a recovery at this point and I know that, slow and steady, with Obama, we will ALL benefit with his economic stimulus. Obama has directed his attention to the future growth of our country and that is where we are headed.

It's time to get out and give the man my vote.

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