Sunday, April 14, 2013

Two views

We spend a lot of time defending our point of view as being the only right way. But here in these pictures of the same stump, both viewpoints and composition seem "right".
Same stump, different angle.

Realizing that there is more than one right way of seeing things helps. I can turn my work around and decide what viewpoint I want to show the world and know that although there are several options, the one I chose is just as right as the one I did not choose.

The decision lies in choosing the one viewpoint most people would never think of. Therein lies the key to innovation and unique creative thought. Starting here, with these two stumps, if I went back and shot several more of the same subject, I would eventually transcend the object to a new and different viewpoint to share.

This is the concept behind doing a series. It may be my time to explore this avenue in my work. I have known about this, but never felt compelled to explore it. Now just may be that time.

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