Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday, March 5

Today I can say that only half of my show is up. It took me two hours to hang half the show by myself. I'm using fishing line and hanging from "S" hooks on moulding. I go again tomorrow for two and a half hours to hang the rest. The opening is Friday. Yikes.
I have finished five new pieces for this show and although I wanted to have six, I am happy to have five. They are strong, too. I actually like them and see in them a new direction that is both inspiring and lively!
My sewing retreat was really great. I took advantage of any people who offered help and it felt really good to have the help too. I enjoyed the weekend instead of being anti-social and stressed. The friends liked helping me too.

Well, Friday I will be a mess...but that always happens. If someone can tell me how I can create and hang a show, send out timely invitations, buy and present food in an appealing way, remain calm and well rested to make it through an opening reception, I am all ears. I keep hoping the more I do this the better it will get, but so far...I remain feeling out-of-control.
Wish me luck.
Saturday I will be a very tired girl.

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