Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2, 2009

Hey there, long time, my blog friends!
I've had quite a rocky start to the New Year. Lots of stuff happening in my life that I won't go into.

The biggest change for me in 2009 is: I plan to pick up on my quilting career and really get serious. I just got back from my sewing retreat on the cape. I'm feeling refreshed and renewed and ready to start sewing/working on some new projects. Yeah!

Another tidbit: I'll be teaching some courses this year.
I have proposed two courses for the spring at the League of NH Craftsmen in Hanover, NH. One class is monoprinting on fabric and the other is a beginner art quilt course. I am available to travel in New England, so if you know of any guilds or shops interested in having me teach, let me know.

I'll also be working on getting a website together for myself this year.

I just found out my camera is broken, so when I replace that, I'll be able to add/update the pictures here and also for my new website.

So Happy New Year!
My last fortune cookie said:
"All your hard work will soon be paid off"

I hope it's true!
See ya.

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