Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Years

"If that's all there is, my friend, Then let's keep dancing" - Cabaret
It's the New Year... a time to reflect, but also, a time to project. The "has beens and done thats" and the "wanna bees and will dos" converge.  Sometimes this can be inspiring, but other times it can be incredibly daunting.

O.K.....  2011, what do you have in store for me?  Will it be an amazing year?  WIll the creativity just flow out of me?  or will I struggle with a bout of depression and self doubt....

  • Will I be able to create on a whim?
  • Will all art supplies be golden in my hands?
  • Can I enjoy freedom of expression without the censor of my own negative internal critic?  I hope so!

O.k.  The only way to know the answers to these questions is
to DO THE WORK......
and Tha-uh-e-uh, tha-uh-e-uh, that's the answer, Folks!

So, GO FOR IT, Move Ahead.... DO THE WORK!
and Keep on Dancing!

Happy New Year to all!

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