Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday April 9

Here's a picture of my red quilt I hope to work on and enter into some upcoming shows. I have reached the point of fear on this one and I need to push through, transcend what is blocking me and just go for it.

I have checked out the book, "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. This is my bible when I find myself in a slump and need motivation. I also have her tape version. When I know I have a period of time that I want to be creative, I start listening and reading/writing to get myself pumped. It is only after a few days of listening that I can truly say I can
"leap and the net will appear"
as Julia Cameron says.

I am getting ready by organizing the mess of my studio, too. Making myself a clean palette for working. Getting rid of clutter and scraps that are not essential to my creativity. Seeking new quotes to enlarge and post.
Another favorite of mine,
"This is your time. Stay focussed. Relax and Enjoy the process."

The process is every day. Staying focussed, thinking creatively, believing that the answers will come without a struggle. Trusting in that.

OK. Move Forward.

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Dee D said...

Be bold and move forward with the red quilt. So glad to see you have some photos posted.