Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowstorms and cancellations

Today I should have woken up in Florida.

I am trying to go with the flow, and relax with the fact that massive snowstorms are still occurring that could keep me from getting to my destination today. I am trying hard not to beat myself up in my mind. Oh! If I had just paid a little more and gotten a direct flight, I would be there now! I would be there now!

Reoccurring patterns, in my life, overlap with whatever I am doing. Whether its quilting, gardening, or just living my daily life, I find myself constantly beating myself up for the decisions I make (or don't make!).

O.K. Margaret, Stop over analyzing!

Today I will just be "in the moment", as I drive to the airport, check in my luggage, sheep herd through security, and sit in the waiting area for a flight that may be delayed and delayed and delayed and possibly cancelled.

I should enjoy the challenge. Look at it as a new adventure in patience. I can take in the view of interesting eclectic people I will be exposed to, I can reflect on my life in a new environment, I can envision that I will get there.

But, as long as my daughter and I are safe, that's really all that matters!

Yeah, that's really all that matters.

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