Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Team of Empowering Allies

"A goal without an action plan is a daydream" - Nathaniel Branden

This year, I have decided to create a door where there was a window. Where once I sat on a chair and looked out, I shall now stand and move through. What does this mean? Well, I have begun to realise that I need to move out of stagnation and start taking more risks. Yup.

How do I do this? I love this line;
"If what you are doing doesn't feel wierd to you, you haven't gone out of your comfort zone for change to happen" - M.J. Ryan

Yes! It's scary because I like my comforts! Eating un/healthy food, being cozy, safe, unruffled. I like that!

The term "just do it" is a phrase that both excites and repels me. I have had many people suggest it to me over the years. It's exciting because I want to just do it, but I find I'm really, really, scared to do it! Don't my friends know that? But, when I reflect on my path through life so far, I see that when I have been passionate about anything, I have tended to dive in and, yes, just do it! I think I must have a way of making it appear easy or something.

Well, I know now that for solid change to happen, it takes a village of people around me to get me to "just do it." So I hope to create a "Team of Empowering Allies" to help me through my discomfort. I already have several wonderful people around me, I just want to broaden my circle for better insight.

And, yes, to all who know that life does not have to be uncomfortable all the time for change, I have reached that point where some things come relatively easy because of all the growth, learning and discomfort I have experienced. That in itself is such a shock when it is first realised and a pleasure and comfort when it happens.

But life is continual change.

I'll end this on that thought.....

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