Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tra La!

Hey there! Good morning! I feel good today.
My talk last night about color went well. I am really happy. I had a great audience, with several people willing to play and have fun and we did. I learned so much from the event as well; about myself, presenting my work and pacing. I would really love the opportunity to offer this talk to other guilds so I shall fine tune my notes and add it as an offering to my resume.

Moving onto other things.....
I will be teaching my "Methods to the Madness" classes at the end of January and February for the NLQG.
Fun! : )
I will create/finish a whole new body of work for a show in May/June at the Lyme Library, Lyme, NH.
Introspective! : |
I will jury state wide for the League of NH Craftsmen this year, and add work to all the League galleries.
scarey! :o
I will start on my book.
ya, right! :?

Whew! I'd better stop there, so I don't overwhelm myself.

Now, I just have to move my tables to finish setting up my studio, then Look out list, here I come! I'm gonna start crossing off stuff.

Have a great Day.

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