Thursday, January 24, 2008

Continuing Convergence

I have named my next quilt show, "Continuing Convergence."

My bio:
I am an Art Quilter.  I create my work based on how the fabric "talks" to me.  I do not use templates.  My pieces come together as I lay them out, attach them and cut them apart again.  There is a lot of experimentation.  I use techniques I learned from several different sources and incorporate them into my quilts to create my own unique voice.  This quilt show reflects the changes in my quilting style and shows the progression to my latest pieces.
My current work uses fabrics that I mono-printed, then draped with sheer
fabrics. I love creating depth and movement using fabric overlays. I also enjoy bobbin drawing with metallic threads to add new shiny elements into the overall image. I use rectangles, circles and spirals in my pieces with meandering threads and yarns incorporated on top. I find these shapes soothing.
Why did I choose Quilts as my art medium?
I like the idea of entirely creating the top fabric, embellishing it to a point, adding the batting & backing and then quilting over the entire thing. The batting, when sewn, creates a whole new texture and can really enhance the overall look. Then finally attaching beads and other enhancements...the options are endless.

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Anonymous said...

Bright, vibrant, movement, creativeness, and color. Mind, heart, thought, passion, all come together to create beautiful artwork and inner projection.