Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday January 13th

Yesterday I had a sewing day with my WOW group. I lugged my stuff to the local library, set up and started working on a volunteer project I'm doing for a local nursing home. I brought my design board with my latest Art pieces so I could look at them in a new setting and light. I am still very pleased...that's good. And I got a constructive critique from my friends.
I need to finish this volunteer piece, just a lap quilt, and it's so boring compared to what I do now. Yet, it is such a departure that the contrast is actually good at this time. The colors in it are pastels and soft like a summer breeze. It is a traditional quilt with a slight modern slant. The palette is not my doing, it was a packet of fabrics I choose to take and of course to challenge myself. It's coming out nice, but I don't think anyone would guess it was made by me! I'll be starting with the traditional quilt now and then when I'm good and warmed up with sewing I'll dive head first into my art quilt projects and see where it leads me. I have an open day today so here goes....I'm off into my studio.

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Dee D said...

Margaret -

Glad to read that you have been busy in your studio. Would love to see more of your quilts (or sections thereof) posted on your blog. Snow storm due in tomorrow ----- more studio time?