Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Day

"One of the biggest risks you can take is to break with your rituals. You'll need to leave your Comfort Zone in order to take risks."
This quote I got from a page on creativity. Notice I italicized and capped comfort zone. It is because that is where I am right now. I need to take risks.
I have created two art pieces. I have done what I know, what I am comfortable doing, creating. Both pieces are hanging on my design wall pretty much in the same state of unfinish.
Now, finishing, and letting these pieces mature beyond my self is where they need to go, outside of my comfort zone. It is time to take risks.
How do I know when I get there? Well, the path to finishing is constantly interrupted by a luring dance that gets bigger and tougher to resist. Fear throws distractions and beacons in my path, like the sirens, luring me away. If I can get past a certain point, if I can stay at it, then I am home free...transcended into that place I so desire to be in but am so afraid of at the same time. Give me the strength to transcend myself and finish these pieces without a struggle. I CAN do this.

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