Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday January 20

Yesterday was good, not great. I found my mental turmoil getting in the way of my creativity. It took me awhile to focus and get myself into the studio, but I got there. The piece I created (a new one) reflects the muddled brain I had, but it's not bad. I now have two new pieces on design boards to look at and finish. Finish is the key word here.
I did go through the UFO's yesterday and none of them really propelled me forward. I hope to move in the UFO direction again this morning while I have a little time to sew, to look at it in a new light.
In finishing these new pieces I'm making, I just had a thought. I can see myself finishing these pieces on the day that I create them, however, the time it takes to sew and make decisions on what direction the piece will move seems to take up my day. Thus the momentum on that piece is lost when, not finished, I turn the lights out in my studio for that day. I also find that when I look at the piece on the design wall later, I think of so many directions the piece could go that I am afraid to cut and move forward because I may lose what I have achieved. I need to photograph the progress. That's what I need to do.
Huh, I just thought of something else. When I work in Photoshop, I usually copy the picture I will be manipulating, just in case I screw up, then I can return to the original if I need to. Creating in fabric does not allow me that option. I need to go forth and cut and see where it takes me...thus the fear factor. There is a sense of adventure in it too though.
"Do not follow where the path will lead, rather go where there is no path and leave a trail." (I think that's Emerson?)

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