Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday January 11

There was a two hour delay for school this morning so I went right into my studio to look at my artwork. I laid out a few "teasers" and fantasized about how I would add some bobbin drawing with thick metallic threads to my newest piece. I have to think about my processes to make sure I do them in the right order. If I add thick metallic threads now, I cannot continue to overlay sheer stuff on top or it will create a bump. So I need to hold back the enthusiasm....and sometimes it's hard to because I get so impatient! I just want to get it done...then sometimes I get scared of the possibilities, the depth I could achieve with the endless layers, so I get paralyzed. The teasers are a distraction technique to get me out of the funk, but also to create new ideas for the next time I go into the studio. Question: How do I get myself away from the standard square/rectangle edge binding without looking too contrived? My work calls for uneven edges, but because of that it's hard to conclude what the natural ending shape should be. Write an entry from the quilts point of view...that's where it will come. ok.

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