Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday January 16

It's Wednesday and I'm better today from my fall, but still very sore. I can't laugh without it hurting...but I guess that's a good thing, I'm laughing, right? So it hurts a little, at least I can still feel things. If anything, this fall has made me more aware of walking and paying attention to details. I was lost in a reverie when I slipped. I was taking in nature, enjoying the beauty of snow covered pine trees and fresh air. Now, I will need to incorporate an awareness of the space I am passing through. I think I can do that.
As I was entering into this blog, I was thinking how today, I will not have time to work in my studio. So what can I write about? Ha. I can't fool myself. I am thinking about my art quilt pinned to the design board a lot. I can process my fear of moving forward with that piece.
This is a common theme for me. I work on a piece and get very excited. Then, I take it to a certain point, hang it on my design wall, stare at it, show it to friends and get critique, then I stop. There it sits (or hangs) unfinished. Sometimes these pieces get stashed away. I have several that have reached this point and remain undone. What am I afraid of?
Here goes......
I am afraid of ruining it.
I am afraid I will over do it and not know when to stop.
I am afraid I will cut it the wrong way.
I am afraid I will not have a day when the planets and stars line up and everything flows from my hands like magic.
I am just basically afraid. Let this fear out in words. Let these words remove themselves from my body so that I can move forward with this quilt. Can I do this? Work with me here.
o k.

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